Lots of new things to discover!

♦ July 28, 2020

Today is the big day! Pulsar is getting a makeover and not just about…. 🙂

We can proudly announce today that the company is in full structural implementation and is pushing its outreach in its environment. Pulsar remained in the shadows for a long time despite its great potential, but this is now a thing of the past!

In this phase, we have put on our good clothes with a brand new corporate image linking who we are with what we are passionate about… science! This new site reflects a whole concept interrelated between human resources and balance in everything.

You can access the new Pulsar website now and read the article on our corporate image here!


New features of our identity…

  • Complete and thorough corporate image
  • Positioning on our identity VS our environment
  • Updated website
  • Life on social media
  • Facilitated recruitment platform for both candidates and clients
  • Sharing of interesting articles related to our human resources values
  • Sharing of interesting articles about the sciences of the universe related to our image!
  • And more surprises to come soon!

What’s new as a company of choice

  • More than a dozen new resources in our team
  • New warm premises available to combine telecommuting and office life
  • Implementation of group insurance
  • RRSP
  • And other advantages under study!


We bet on being different!

We had to stand out from the crowd of traditional IT companies and reach professionals who have trouble identifying with very corporate organizations. These resources, moving towards the more playful aspects of computer science such as video games or the Web, hope for a stimulating and colorful daily life. Having an atypical background, they are often shunned because they don’t fit the mold… and it is precisely this uniqueness that makes them so valuable to a company. The amalgam of different experiences is the key to opening up to new ideas, to innovation!

Our goal is to become the “trippy” IT agency of Saguenay! The place where everyone wants to work with good conditions, good values and professional fulfillment… without forgetting more than competitive salaries 😉

We want to be among the companies that do not have to retain their resources because they do not want to leave anyway. The solid and performing team builds itself when the synergy created in the long term is not constantly cut by staff turnover.


Our Pulsar is shining today!

We invite you to visit our site and make it your own! Tell your network and share the good news! We hope to meet new talents and expand our fire team!

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