IT Services

Have peace of mind

The information technology field is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. Let our professionals guide you in maintaining your technology assets and in evolving them to conform to best practices.

Whether it is for the security of your information networks, the development of new applications or the management of your assets, our professionals will guide you towards the best solution adapted to your needs and your budget.


  • Network architecture analysis
  • Configuration of equipment according to the best standards
  • Protection of your critical data (protection against viruses and malware, anti-phishing alert systems)
  • Verification of data backups (service coverage, integrity of backups, restoration process)
  • Maintenance (regular updates and reports, protocol performance testing)
  • Crisis management” service for the media component

System administration

  • Administration of your computer park (Cloud) or on site (on premise)
  • Hosting of your systems (web, database, applications) on our private clouds
  • Integration of SAAS (Software as a service) applications.

Software engineering

  • Custom application development (, angular, java, php)
  • Implementation of good development practices
  • Vulnerability analysis and UML diagrams of existing applications
  • Management of sources and branches.